29 March 2001

"Curiosita" - the goal of a life is to continuously, actively, unrelentingly learn.

I can well imagine the next "learning" this right-brained writer is going to need is in the memorization of HTML codes. For some reason, I never bothered to memorize any of the codes, except for the really obvious ones, like bold, or italic, or underlining. Oh, and lists. I can do lists.

The question is, what makes me think there's a need for another online twit like me, nattering in cyberspace about whatever happens to cross my mind at the time I'm sitting at the PC, writing? 

However, I have to believe somebody somewhere will someday want to read this trash, so up it goes.

What I learned today is that an online journal/diary is not what it appears to be on first blush: it's a blog, as in 'web log.' I'm not a journalist or diarist, but a blogger.

Excuse me while I change into my Doc Martens.


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