03 November 2008

"In God We Trust."
   - Motto of the United States of America

I just read the news. Senator Barack Obama's grandmother lost her fight against cancer, and died today, only twenty-four hours away from the outcome of the historic campaign.

I wanted to send a note to the family, offering condolences, but I couldn't get through on the website. I'm hoping it is because there is such an outpouring of affection, compassion, and prayers for the Senator and his family that it brought the Senate servers to their knees. When they get that system up and running again, I'd like to think that the Senator will be reminded of the high esteem in which this country holds him, and that he and his family feel the comforting reach of America's arms as we enfold them.

By all accounts, his grandmother was a wonderful, warm, loving, and kind person. It's hard to say goodbye to the ones we love, and harder still when it is a person who has raised us up to achieve and fulfill our potential as decent human beings.

I only hope that the family can enjoy the memory of her pride in her grandson's accomplishments--as a hardworking man, a brilliant professor, a loving husband and father, and a leader of all men.

Yours very sincerely,

In Sympathy and Compassion,

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