27 October 2010

All power tends to corrupt,
and complete power tends to 
corrupt absolutely.
   - Lord Acton

Here's a later-breaking update of my last update. The comments are back up. As of right now, more than 1,900. I guess they can't decide which is worse; taking them down, or leaving them up.

Curiouser and curiouser.

# # #
Here's a late-breaking update.
As of 7:00 PM (-5:00 GMT), there were in excess of 1,300 comments on marie claire's Maura Kelly post about the "fatties." As of 8:30 PM, there are none.

However, the post and the lame apology still exist. Don't bother visiting the website. I'm telling you -- sometimes the only recourse is to redirect all the attention away from bigots and bullies in order to drain their power. But you can decide that for yourself, right?

So long, Maura. Have a great life. Don't forget to turn out the lights when the magazine folds, okay?

Excuse me. I'm going back to my book. Try one. You might like it.


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